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mrcrazypants: Be prepared to see this emote :kiongrownup: alot when I write henceForth haha Jan 11, 2021 8:31:17 GMT
This Land: haha no problem ! Don't blame you xD , was a good suggestion :kiongrownup: Jan 11, 2021 11:13:50 GMT
mrcrazypants: I got inspired by @thisland so I wrote short stories under my art in "The Art Thread" too xD Jan 13, 2021 21:20:17 GMT
This Land: Im an inspiration ! 8D *ahem* xD I like lil descriptions :3 Jan 13, 2021 22:11:24 GMT
mrcrazypants: Haha yes you are! xD Jan 14, 2021 7:27:20 GMT
This Land: Drawing Manes on a character falling is so therapeutic. I've changed it several times but feels so relaxing x3 Jan 15, 2021 10:31:25 GMT
mrcrazypants: Oh I think so too! Or atleast painting them, I tend to be stuk in a re-do loop when I first sketch them out haha Jan 15, 2021 13:44:07 GMT
mrcrazypants: But painting them I also think is theraputic 😌✨ Jan 15, 2021 13:45:50 GMT
mrcrazypants: Feels like this: memegenerator.net/img/images/72451312.jpg haha Jan 15, 2021 13:46:58 GMT
This Land: Spot on ! xD Yeah, my re-do loop was insane....then after a while realized I was making it worse :tlcrazy:, so tapped "undo" a few times :powah: Jan 15, 2021 14:13:00 GMT
mrcrazypants: That is usually how it goes for me too xD , it's as if one gets... sketch-blinded? or perhaps mane-blinded? haha! Glad you solved it eventually tho! I'm looking forward to see it :)) Jan 15, 2021 15:45:44 GMT
This Land: That must be thing, well its a thing now xD Plus I'm sure only having one fully functioning eye doesn't help either with drawing x3. Here is a sneak peak at my W.I.P sta.sh/04b2chb38kq Jan 15, 2021 16:57:47 GMT
mrcrazypants: Ohh I love the WIP so far! 😍 And with a falling pose like that I totally get why it was challenging to draw the mane xD Jan 16, 2021 20:03:19 GMT
mrcrazypants: When you say one fully functioning eye, is the other one "just" lower in eyesight or is it completely blind? Let me know if It's too personal! Sometimes I tend to be a bit too curious haha ^^' Jan 16, 2021 20:06:33 GMT
This Land: I'ts fine xD It's just a lot lower in eyesight. Its not blurred, been to several opticians and glasses do nothing,its like only half the image goes to my brain like choppy vision. So I have little or no depth perception. No 3D films for me :kionunamused: Jan 16, 2021 21:29:46 GMT
This Land: And thanks ^^, you keep me going !I've been practicing a new mane colouring technique & keep fixing the eyes, and keep changing the body as i've never drew this pose (again XP).This picture is another massive learning curve, been on and off it all day 8-| Jan 16, 2021 21:36:19 GMT
mrcrazypants: Oh wow I've never heard of anything like that before O.O But tbh, you're not missing much with 3D movies if you ask me, I always chose regular xD Jan 17, 2021 10:03:56 GMT
mrcrazypants: I'm glad to hear! I think it's great to have someone to play ball with in art (if that makes sense haha) :kiongrownup: That sounds cool tho, are you filming the progress on this one too? I'm curious to see if you got anymore art tricks I can steal xD Jan 17, 2021 10:07:57 GMT
This Land: Makes sense yeah and totally agree ^_^. I'm recording this one too, About 80% done :D Jan 17, 2021 13:38:38 GMT
mrcrazypants: Woo! 8D Jan 17, 2021 14:17:57 GMT