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Welcome to "The Lion King Goes On" or TLKGO as most people call it.


We are a community of Lion King fans who just love to roleplay, be it an actual character from the film or a character of your own. We also have many areas within this forum where you can talk about random stuff, play games, have discussions, talk about the films plus much more.


We have a variety of roleplays for people who like certain methods so if you like to take your time and be part of an organised plot based RP (Known as TLKGO original style roleplays) or if you are more of a person who just wants to jump into a roleplay that is faster paced and make it up as you go along (Known as the Freestyle Roleplay Lobby) and we also have TLKGO Fantasy/Sci-fi roleplays where your character is allowed to have magical/futuristic abilities, allowing your imagination to go further. All roleplays on TLKGO are made by the members - for the members.


We welcome all types of fans here, if you are not into roleplaying that much but would love to get to know people, take part in all the non-rp stuff, post fanart etc, then you're more then welcome to =3.


If you have already registered on here then Welcome back ! Or if you are new and planning on joining the TLKGO community then we greatly look forward to meeting you.




Welcome =3. Please note the shoutbox is monitored and all messages are stored, please be nice ^^
This Land: Haha thankyou very much ^^. It just came to me xD Mar 1, 2021 14:46:05 GMT
mrcrazypants: In this rate you should very soon need to make a YT video/guide with "TLs' art tips & tricks!" so that the rest of us can learn these smart new art techniques you come up with xD Mar 1, 2021 15:01:48 GMT
This Land: Haha ! I'm not the best out there, would feel awkward xD But if I do get better and learn more stuff....who knows :P Mar 1, 2021 15:13:47 GMT
mrcrazypants: I'm happy either way bcs I get to see the tricks you find out through your speedpaints haha! Mar 1, 2021 16:24:18 GMT
mrcrazypants: Random question but would this forum be able to have a web game up? A small one in the likes of Lioden or Neopets? :-S Mar 1, 2021 16:25:53 GMT
This Land: Haha, feel free to use the tricks xD. As for the web game do you mean like hosting one ? Mar 1, 2021 16:45:05 GMT
mrcrazypants: Yes like if it would be possible to have one up on the site for visitors to play! wait... maybe that would cost money? :o Mar 1, 2021 17:41:26 GMT
mrcrazypants: I haven't made any game now for years and am very rusty but would like to make a little one during this summer to practise before I start Uni, and was thinking that maybe a little lion themed mini-web-game could possibly be something that you guys would- Mar 1, 2021 17:43:08 GMT
mrcrazypants: -be interested to have up here? ^^ Mar 1, 2021 17:43:16 GMT
This Land: That sounds awesome ! Be happy to have it on here ^^ Mar 1, 2021 20:37:03 GMT
mrcrazypants: That makes me so happy to hear!! :)) Mar 1, 2021 21:55:37 GMT
mrcrazypants: Just found this "Tea with uncle Iroh" ambient video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-T7XEJ91ao Mar 2, 2021 16:00:38 GMT
mrcrazypants: Great to listen to in the background when you have to unwind :kiongrownup: Mar 2, 2021 16:01:30 GMT
This Land: *is chillllled* x3 Mar 2, 2021 19:42:36 GMT
This Land: Added a dice function to the reply toolbar :). Rolls a random number after you submit a post for roleplay decisions :) Mar 4, 2021 16:03:15 GMT
mrcrazypants: What a smart idea!! That'll come in handy 8D Mar 4, 2021 19:20:36 GMT
mrcrazypants: Oh cool now I understand what you meant, it's hidden until it's been posted so that it'll truly be random and can't have been tampered with! 👏^^ Mar 4, 2021 19:23:37 GMT
This Land: yeah ^^ May make things interesting x3 Mar 4, 2021 19:31:47 GMT
This Land: I like Jua's personality and energy, just thought I'd mention xD Mar 4, 2021 19:35:08 GMT
mrcrazypants: Haha thank you! xD He is a goofy sweetheart Mar 5, 2021 5:58:38 GMT