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No New Posts Okavango

The Okavango delta is now a lush, green land filled with streams, rivers marshes and vast lakes. Just days ago, it was a dry, barren wasteland. Food is plentiful and water is ever abundant. The only problem is that the food migrates. Following the herds of zebra, wildebeest and cape buffalo is difficult in this terrain. Additionally, there are many dangers that linger in this otherwise inviting landscape. Who knows what could lurk beneath the surface of the many waters.

4 119 Dead.
by KanuTGL
Apr 12, 2010 16:10:54 GMT
No New Posts The Last King

2 618 The Last King
by Judas
Mar 11, 2010 12:43:39 GMT
No New Posts Ambush Alley

Welcome to Ambush Alley where you and a group of other players will go and find the darkest secret of the pridelands. Dive into the wonderful views of skeletons and war as factions fights for control.

Beware of your enemies and any help you recieve from the kings of the past.

7 164 Welcome to Ambush Alley
by balto
Jun 21, 2017 22:14:29 GMT
No New Posts Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained (Test RP)

The world is big and full of mysteries, battles, allies, and enemies. Kingdoms clash, stories are told, and legends are formed. But what are you here for? Everyone wants something. Who are your friends? Who are your enemies? It matters. Because you can lose if you and your friends aren't strong enough. But take heart, because your decisions can make a difference.

5 59 Signup
by Abd123
Jul 16, 2019 16:10:02 GMT
No New Posts The Seeds Of Fate (OLD RP.)


The land is dying.
Flora and fauna are vanishing as the land grows barren and desolate. Deserts grow as the forests shrink, animals dying out as their food becomes scarce.
A small band of chosen lions set out for their last hope- a seed bank, a reservoir where samples of hundreds of plant life are stored. The land has changed, and the animals have changed too. With their new and otherworldly powers, they will fight to survive and restore the balance of Nature.

4 224 Sign up!
by Leorgathar
May 12, 2016 5:19:47 GMT
No New Posts The War for Surra

A pride of magical cats has lived in the lands of Surra for generations, living off of the lush lands and surviving through the droughts in peace and harmony.
However, tensions arise when a large pack of magical canines migrate nearby, looking for resources to survive in the current drought. Now food and water are scarce for both canine and feline, and the feline pride blames their new residents for it.
It is not certain who made the first attack, but both cat and canine are at odds with one another…

7 543 OOC/Discussion Thread
by This Land
Feb 14, 2016 22:29:05 GMT
No New Posts The Pride Premier

A kingdom of heaven built by slaves... Across the great jungles, deserts, and grasslands of Africa there lives one supreme pride - “The Pride Premier”. The Pride Premier is made up of god-like cats with extraordinary abilities and powers and rules over a massive empire. This empire is built upon the backs of slaves, lions from smaller prides that the Pride Premier has taken over by murdering their Kings, Queens, sons, and daughters. Collectively, these enslaved lions make up the slave pride. These slave lions are forced to hunt for the Pride Premier, serve as their troops in battle, groom them, entertain them, and build them shelters. The mysterious Emperor Exalted leads the Pride Premier from his jungle home on the mountain paradise, Rukor, and commands his people from a great cave.

Slaves that show even the slightest hint of developing powers are immediately disposed of.

But now, drought chokes the land and the slave pride has never known such suffering. The Emperor Exalted has not left his great cave, slaves are disappearing, rebellions have occurred, and in the heat of the sun, the flame of revolt is spreading. Lions from the Pride Premier have been murdered, put on display for the enslaved to see as they search desperately for the little food available to them. Prince Roque, son of the Emperor Exalted, and one of the heirs to the Pride Premier's throne, seems to be the only one who hears the cries of the slave pride and feels his soul torn as he listens to their pleas for freedom, vengeance, and a better tomorrow. Insurgency is brewing, but civil war is on the horizon. Is Prince Roque alone in his torment? Has a rebel group developed? Will the Pride Premier endure?

10 147 OOC: Discussion Thread
by Lyonize
May 9, 2016 3:41:35 GMT
No New Posts On The Brink

The land is on the verge of crisis. Simba, the current leader of the kingdom is descending quickly in health, approaching inevitable death at a swift pace. His wife Nala has already passed, failing to produce an heir to the throne. Simba, aware of the impending power vacuum, has named his most trusted general heir, a brilliant adolescent military tactician by the name of Ezca. Normally all would be well and leadership would pass without qualm, but that is not the case now.

A long-lost legend has began circulating within the dark chasms of the land, bringing with it worry for the future of the kingdom. It is said that far to the south, where the land kisses the ocean, there lies a stone imbued with the energy of life itself, capable of bringing anyone back from the sleep of death. It's power is foretold to only be usable once every 1000 years, and according to the rumors, its cycle has renewed. This in itself is not the problem though.

As king Simba reaches the end of his life, a group of followers dedicated to returning to Scar's philosophy of leadership, has grown in number and influence. The chance of a coupe of the throne is a large possibility, the attempt of which is bordering on near fact. It was from this group that the legend had began to circulate, all with the intent to bring its own leader, Scar, back from the dead. Word has reached Simba's court that a huge army of Scar's followers has begun a journey to the south, Hell-bent on their insidious purposes. Aware that Ezca will not be ready to combat an attempt on the throne of that magnitude, Simba has placed a call to all those willing to do the same, and reach the resurrection stone before they are able to utilize its powers to dominate Pride Rock.

4 93 On The Brink
by Pulsar
Jan 29, 2015 1:06:14 GMT
No New Posts The Long Path To Destiny

In the almost deserted and dead land of Dinwea there remains one struggling pride and one well trodden path. The food is scarce and a war is almost upon them, a war between the pride and the rebels, animals and nature, life and death. The only way that anything will last is if they can form an allegiance and work together to find a new, unruled part of the world, or overpower an already inhabited part, either is better then their current plan; eat, sleep, survive.

Both sides have secret powers, unknown to the opposing side. The pride controlling them, the rebels letting them wild. With each new encounter the friction grows and with it the likeliness of war, unwanted but inevitable.

The rebels are set on power, the pride only wanting life as it once was, but neither can thrive without a healthy land to fuel their lives. So the journey will be done, but whether they unite their forces to do so or go their separate ways is up to destiny and the long path towards it.

3 62 OOC: Discussion thread
by Amani
Apr 25, 2014 22:12:40 GMT
No New Posts Lost To The Fog

A dark gloom has been cast over the Pridelands, starting over Pride Rock and slowly covering the land day by day. In all hours, dark clouds loom over the African savanna, giving no rain despite appearing to be stormy. Fog billows constantly in the savannah, and rumors have been made of strange and dangerous creatures lurking within. Animals of all kinds have been falling into unending slumber, and where the fog flows in, disappearances of all sorts of animals tend to happen. According to Rafiki, advisor to Simba and a mighty shaman, a great curse had been invoked, threatening to swallow the land in the frightening fog.

With the disappearances reaching their peak, and many lost animals turning up slain, Simba and Nala sent messengers all across their kingdom. Seeking those with cunning, courage and especially special powers, they wish to assemble a team to take on an appointed quest. The task at hand? Enter the rainforest and seek the Ruins of Mist, an ancient catacomb rumored to hold the key to breaking the curse over the land. Dark magic, sinister animals and eldritch monsters await our heroes. Can they uncover the secrets of the Ruins, or will the whole of the Pridelands, like the ruins of old, be lost to the fog?

2 34 LttF: OOC Discussion
by This Land
Jan 31, 2015 23:52:48 GMT
No New Posts Kings and Time Travellers

The last Time Lord and his companion travel to read the oldest message in the universe, but they find themselves caught in a trap and stranded in a strange new world, in strange new forms... This is a world populated by animals and ruled by the king of beasts: the lion. But now an old enemy has a terrible plan and with the Doctor and his time machine disabled, there will be no way to stop them. Or...?

5 55 RolePlay Discussion
by This Land
Jan 31, 2015 23:51:56 GMT
No New Posts The Mysteries Of Wandering

3 83 The Mysteries of Wandering
by thegunner18
Jul 22, 2010 11:03:13 GMT
No New Posts The Great Battle

9 1,017 Plot Discussion Thread
by tittiana
Aug 2, 2010 16:37:58 GMT
No New Posts Our Future Is Bleak

6 241 Discussion board
by Nakisisa
Aug 2, 2010 15:49:34 GMT
No New Posts Adolescent Ages

After Mufasa's death and Simba's disappearance, Scar has taken over the Pride Lands with the help of his hyenas. Nala, now an adolescent, has to try and come by under the ruthless rule of her pride's new king. Will she sit by and watch as her pride is thrust to the bottom of the food chain and treated poorly? Will she let the Pride Lands fall into ruin? Or will she make new friends and make a stand, ridding the world of the evil that is Scar?

3 132 General Adol. Ages 2 Discussion
by Accalia
Dec 22, 2015 13:26:26 GMT
No New Posts Cursed Future

3 33 Disscusion
by xscar10
Jul 7, 2010 14:49:04 GMT
No New Posts Till The Pride Lands End

It has been years since Zira was defeated and The Lion Guard has once again become more than a legend. The sun has set on King Simba’s glorious reign and has risen with Kiara and Kovu as the rulers of the pridelands. Together, they bore three cubs; the first, destined to rule and the second, destined to guard, leaving the third to find her own destiny. We follow the second born and her new Lion Guard as they protect the pridelands and defend the circle of life. Till the Pride Lands end, Lion Guard defend!

6 201 Discussion Thread
by cheezeegriff
May 10, 2016 10:38:18 GMT
No New Posts The Winds Are Changing...

Even after Scar's defeat, the pride cannot relax- the land is no longer dry, but vegetation is just returning and food is still scarce. Meanwhile, supporters of Scar conspire against Simba at Priderock, and a new battle seems to be at hand. We're planning to roleplay the banishing of the Outlanders and focus on the early stages of the Outlander-Pridelander war- pick a side and battle for the Pridelands!

3 34 The winds are changing Sign-up
by Simba
Jan 4, 2015 22:08:20 GMT
No New Posts Legacy is All that Remains

The Pridelands have fallen to the first Lion Queen, Uru who finds herself calling upon whatever aid will come for her to carry on her family legacy and bring an end to the rogue Ahadi's rebellion. A war is waging and with so much at stake, chaos is sure to follow. The fate of the Pridelands rests in your hands...

3 59 Registration Thread *Open*
by Jabari
Aug 8, 2015 12:34:13 GMT
No New Posts The Golden Generation

A simple RP set after the events in Simba's Pride that is sure to get more complicated as time goes on. We plan to have the return of Kopa and Zira.

6 243 NEW Discussion Thread
by Moonbacon
Aug 31, 2014 17:24:36 GMT
No New Posts The Last Kingdom

Lions, a dying breed, in a land slowly deteriorating. Their last and only hope is to seek out a land in the world unknown. A land shrouded in myth and mystery, where whispers of great treasures await those brave enough to venture and where utopia lies for those that seek a new home.

3 110 Sign up to play in this RP *RP IS FULL*
by werewolftg
Jun 22, 2014 2:34:07 GMT
No New Posts The Great Hunt

Aurochs were long considered extinct on the African continent, but legends still remain. Rumours abound that a white Aurochs is living in the Kungo, a large forest at the heart of Africa. The Kungo is a vast jungle, threaded with mighty rivers, mountains, waterfalls and ruins of ancient civilisations. Naturally, the story of the reappearance of the Aurochs has sparked much interest. Whether for scientific curiosity, religious worship, or the thrill and glory of the hunt, many animals are flocking to the Kungo to catch or kill this legendary beast.

3 8 Discussion
by Accalia
Dec 23, 2015 8:31:42 GMT
No New Posts Adolescent Ages

6 1,250 Adolescent Ages
by sefu
Jun 10, 2010 1:35:51 GMT
No New Posts Rain Over Fallen Legions

4 102 Rain Over Fallen Legions
by KanuTGL
Aug 2, 2010 22:05:56 GMT
No New Posts wasteland

7 242 Wasteland revival
by Nakisisa
Aug 1, 2010 18:52:13 GMT
No New Posts Fireflies

8 1,148 discussion
by Nakisisa
Aug 1, 2010 18:53:54 GMT
No New Posts The Tropical Mystery (Full)

1 696 The Tropical Mystery
by SVelasquez
Dec 7, 2008 19:02:54 GMT
No New Posts 12 Stones of Magic

A volcano is about to erupt and destroy a large area surrounding it. A group of brave creatures have to find the keys to hold back the destructive power of the volcano.

But will they find those on time?

3 166 *12 Stones of Magic*
by Sarafina
Jun 27, 2008 16:50:48 GMT
No New Posts Jungle Of Destruction

3 67 Jungle of destruction :restart
by genie
Jul 30, 2010 23:50:42 GMT
No New Posts A Shadowed Past

Regaining one's memory can prove difficult. Sometimes it requires the help of others who may learn a thing or two about themselves as well.

2 572 A Shadowed Past
by Deleted
Aug 9, 2008 6:47:40 GMT
No New Posts Lion King 4

8 769 Lion King 4 - Closed.
by KanuTGL
Apr 12, 2010 16:07:37 GMT
No New Posts The Dimensional Crisis

Simba is transported into a separate dimension where he was killed as a cub. That means Scar is the real king! The Pridelands are in shambles, and all of his friends and family's lives are destroyed. Can Simba set things right?

2 127 A Twist in the Plot
by Deleted
Feb 2, 2009 0:25:11 GMT
No New Posts Unreal

In the savannah have rumours about magical powers lived longer than anywhere else. Are these unreal abilities really true or will they stay as rumours?

3 619 (Unreal) General Plot Discussion
by Kirsui
Jun 26, 2009 21:27:53 GMT
No New Posts The Flood

The rain's been coming down heavily for days on end, maybe even weeks, and the broad river's water levels are rising dangerously high. Now the only chance of survival is to leave the valley, but going alone is too dangerous. A peculiar group of animals form a pride of sort, and now they must work together to escape the masses of water before it's too late.

4 284 The Flood - Closed
by KanuTGL
Sept 1, 2009 13:53:22 GMT
No New Posts Spirits

Lorn and Kondo, two kindred spirits are trying to track down the artifacts of Beloar. Will you help or hinder their quest?

3 116 General Discussion-Spirits
by Deleted
Feb 16, 2010 7:08:54 GMT
No New Posts Faith in the Fauna (Full)

Prophecies and divinations have been spreading across Africa from far and wide. They appear to be more than rumor, however, proving to be quite convincing and easily believable. Many believe they profess the world's greatness and bring hope to the future, but the believers will always have their contesters. A wide array of opinion is developing, and with indignation comes dispute.

7 293 Roleplay summary ^^
by Deleted
Jan 28, 2010 11:59:28 GMT
No New Posts Prides of the Savannah

Too long a time two prides have been at war, and now, the future of both prides depends on that of the openminded youths...

5 960 Discussion about *POTS*
by KanuTGL
Mar 20, 2010 11:44:32 GMT
No New Posts A Rouges Journey

Is There a Place Called Home For Memkra?

3 1,242 A Rouge's Journey
by genie
Mar 12, 2010 2:16:29 GMT
No New Posts The Wanderers

The Place Where Anything in Life Can Happen

4 1,777 Part 2 - The Journey carries on
by Lyonize
Mar 9, 2010 2:05:18 GMT
No New Posts Those Whom The Lions Hunt

Life on the savannah is not an easy one, even for the mighty lions. But the life of a grass-eater is harder still. Dangers could lurk behind every tree or rock and one must be on constant watch for hunters. An inattentive antelope is a dead antelope. Could you survive as an Eland, a Zebra or Thomson's Gazelle?

5 44 Join This RolePlay
by Deleted
Jan 21, 2010 0:19:21 GMT
No New Posts Pride Over Power

An adolescent pride live in harmony.

Unknown to them, another thing is soon to rise.... the presence of magical ability inside each and every one of them. As they have became adolescent the power inside them will soon start to rise, they will all have to learn how to control themselves and each other as it grows stronger and stronger along with their natural path to adulthood

Will their great friendship be tainted by this power? Can they control it? Will they use it for the good of their group or against each other? What has caused such power to exist?

The only way to know is to try and keep together and keep one thing in their hearts...the love for their Pride over their power, or will it end up the other way around ?

5 156 Pride Over Power Continued
by Lyonize
Sept 21, 2017 5:07:19 GMT

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