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mrcrazypants: Random question but would this forum be able to have a web game up? A small one in the likes of Lioden or Neopets? :-S Mar 1, 2021 16:25:53 GMT
This Land: Haha, feel free to use the tricks xD. As for the web game do you mean like hosting one ? Mar 1, 2021 16:45:05 GMT
mrcrazypants: Yes like if it would be possible to have one up on the site for visitors to play! wait... maybe that would cost money? :o Mar 1, 2021 17:41:26 GMT
mrcrazypants: I haven't made any game now for years and am very rusty but would like to make a little one during this summer to practise before I start Uni, and was thinking that maybe a little lion themed mini-web-game could possibly be something that you guys would- Mar 1, 2021 17:43:08 GMT
mrcrazypants: -be interested to have up here? ^^ Mar 1, 2021 17:43:16 GMT
This Land: That sounds awesome ! Be happy to have it on here ^^ Mar 1, 2021 20:37:03 GMT
mrcrazypants: That makes me so happy to hear!! :)) Mar 1, 2021 21:55:37 GMT
mrcrazypants: Just found this "Tea with uncle Iroh" ambient video: Mar 2, 2021 16:00:38 GMT
mrcrazypants: Great to listen to in the background when you have to unwind :kiongrownup: Mar 2, 2021 16:01:30 GMT
This Land: *is chillllled* x3 Mar 2, 2021 19:42:36 GMT
This Land: Added a dice function to the reply toolbar :). Rolls a random number after you submit a post for roleplay decisions :) Mar 4, 2021 16:03:15 GMT
mrcrazypants: What a smart idea!! That'll come in handy 8D Mar 4, 2021 19:20:36 GMT
mrcrazypants: Oh cool now I understand what you meant, it's hidden until it's been posted so that it'll truly be random and can't have been tampered with! 👏^^ Mar 4, 2021 19:23:37 GMT
This Land: yeah ^^ May make things interesting x3 Mar 4, 2021 19:31:47 GMT
This Land: I like Jua's personality and energy, just thought I'd mention xD Mar 4, 2021 19:35:08 GMT
mrcrazypants: Haha thank you! xD He is a goofy sweetheart Mar 5, 2021 5:58:38 GMT
rosalilly: Hi Mar 7, 2021 18:44:12 GMT
This Land: Hello, and welcome ^^ Mar 7, 2021 19:59:08 GMT
rosalilly: Hru Mar 7, 2021 20:08:10 GMT
This Land: ? Mar 7, 2021 20:13:20 GMT