Hallowed Time Twists


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This Land: You on Guitar, girlfriend on bass, and me on the keyboard, Anyone know drums ? xD Jan 20, 2021 14:31:06 GMT
mrcrazypants: 👏😂 hahaha! Oh and we'd need a singer too for future lyrics based songs Jan 20, 2021 14:32:29 GMT
mrcrazypants: The TLKGO band Jan 20, 2021 14:32:45 GMT
mrcrazypants: Why do I increasingly want to do this the more I think about it, I can't even actually play the guitar lmao Jan 20, 2021 14:37:22 GMT
This Land: would be cool xD, Jan 20, 2021 17:07:02 GMT
mrcrazypants: omg TL Happy late birthday!!!! 8D Jan 22, 2021 12:53:22 GMT
This Land: haha thankyouuu !! :)) Not the most eventful one, but nice x3. We need a birthday smiley thinking about it :P Jan 22, 2021 13:06:28 GMT
mrcrazypants: Yes birthdays are odd nowdays haha but great to hear it was nice! ^^ And YES we do need that! Jan 22, 2021 13:13:33 GMT
This Land: Have to do some some photoshopping later xD Jan 22, 2021 13:40:54 GMT
mrcrazypants: xD Jan 22, 2021 14:36:24 GMT
This Land: :birthday: :D Jan 22, 2021 15:53:40 GMT
This Land: have to clean up the white lines, but It'll do for now xD Jan 22, 2021 15:54:27 GMT
This Land: Added a background, does it display properly ? Good or bad ? I don't mind honesty xD Jan 23, 2021 12:56:13 GMT
mrcrazypants: Oh I really like the new bg! The colors are a bit toned down which makes the whole page a bit less busy which makes it feel good to look at ^^ Jan 23, 2021 16:51:23 GMT
mrcrazypants: :birthday: Love party Simba too xD Jan 23, 2021 16:51:59 GMT
This Land: Thanks ^^. Just thought the place needed a bit more colour and less boring, without being over the top, seems we both agree x3. Glad you love the simba too :D Jan 23, 2021 17:20:27 GMT
mrcrazypants: Yes! :kiongrownup: Btw if you want to I could clean up the party gif, I love doing things like that haha ^^ Jan 23, 2021 17:39:51 GMT
This Land: If you want to that would be great xD, Go for it x3 Jan 23, 2021 20:08:41 GMT
mrcrazypants: On it! :powah: Just to be sure, what are the ratio for these emotes? Jan 24, 2021 7:23:21 GMT
mrcrazypants: Here's a link to it sta.sh/0r1hkgzyndl , It's in gif format but I have an mp4 too of it if you need that file format instead ^^ Jan 24, 2021 8:33:54 GMT