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This Land: very true ^^. Its a very good price :D Almost done colouring the animation, its only like 5 seconds and taken me ages in total but 50% of that was learning, trial and error and constantly correcting mistakes xD Feb 22, 2021 16:06:23 GMT
mrcrazypants: Hey 5 seconds is really good!! Looking forward to see it 😍 Feb 22, 2021 17:04:58 GMT
This Land: So..... I only find out that procreate has a special "animation assist" function...at the last hour of finishing it :tlcrazy:. Alot of my time spent was switching layers on and off and preveiwing the animation. This assist resolves that..argh xD Feb 23, 2021 15:18:09 GMT
This Land: But its done now ! :D. Just tweaking and will upload it later : 8D Feb 23, 2021 15:18:49 GMT
mrcrazypants: Ahaha I feel sorry for you I thought that it was the built in animation tool that you were using x'D But atleast now you know for the future! Feb 24, 2021 7:17:04 GMT
mrcrazypants: Oh nice! 😍 Will you be uploading it to the art thread or should I look somewhere else? Feb 24, 2021 7:18:12 GMT
This Land: Yeah now I know xDD, I still cant believe the option was staring right at me xD. I've posted it in art thread, also on my DeviantArt Gallery ^^ Feb 24, 2021 7:55:26 GMT
mrcrazypants: Omg TL so well done on the animation!!! 👏👏👏 :D Mar 1, 2021 6:24:06 GMT
mrcrazypants: When I first saw the animation I was so confused how you had managed to animate the lines for the wind without any choppy movements, but I just saw your speedpaint video and dude that was a very clever way to do it xD Mar 1, 2021 6:34:42 GMT
This Land: Haha thankyou very much ^^. It just came to me xD Mar 1, 2021 14:46:05 GMT
mrcrazypants: In this rate you should very soon need to make a YT video/guide with "TLs' art tips & tricks!" so that the rest of us can learn these smart new art techniques you come up with xD Mar 1, 2021 15:01:48 GMT
This Land: Haha ! I'm not the best out there, would feel awkward xD But if I do get better and learn more stuff....who knows :P Mar 1, 2021 15:13:47 GMT
mrcrazypants: I'm happy either way bcs I get to see the tricks you find out through your speedpaints haha! Mar 1, 2021 16:24:18 GMT
mrcrazypants: Random question but would this forum be able to have a web game up? A small one in the likes of Lioden or Neopets? :-S Mar 1, 2021 16:25:53 GMT
This Land: Haha, feel free to use the tricks xD. As for the web game do you mean like hosting one ? Mar 1, 2021 16:45:05 GMT
mrcrazypants: Yes like if it would be possible to have one up on the site for visitors to play! wait... maybe that would cost money? :o Mar 1, 2021 17:41:26 GMT
mrcrazypants: I haven't made any game now for years and am very rusty but would like to make a little one during this summer to practise before I start Uni, and was thinking that maybe a little lion themed mini-web-game could possibly be something that you guys would- Mar 1, 2021 17:43:08 GMT
mrcrazypants: -be interested to have up here? ^^ Mar 1, 2021 17:43:16 GMT
This Land: That sounds awesome ! Be happy to have it on here ^^ Mar 1, 2021 20:37:03 GMT
mrcrazypants: That makes me so happy to hear!! :)) Mar 1, 2021 21:55:37 GMT