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Leto: hey Feb 28, 2015 2:15:58 GMT
Eliora: Has anyone here ever heard of GIMP and used it? I've been thinking about trying it out. Feb 28, 2015 4:56:30 GMT
Leorgathar: Hmm nope, I haven't tried it >< right now all I'm using is the Procreate app on my iPad to draw xD Feb 28, 2015 16:54:37 GMT
Leto: I've tried it a loooong time ago. I am mostly using PS these days tho xP Feb 28, 2015 17:52:31 GMT
Eliora: I just got PS and Illustrator as a gift :) now I just need to watch like a hundred tutorials lol. The irony is that I just downloaded GIMP for free Feb 28, 2015 18:15:55 GMT
Lyonize (Formerly DJ Simba): I'm curious. What do you plan on using it for? Feb 28, 2015 18:45:02 GMT
Eliora: Just drawing and designing for fun :) Feb 28, 2015 19:05:08 GMT
mrcrazypants: I've used gimp before, and trust me go with PS ! Mar 1, 2015 0:11:42 GMT
mrcrazypants: Gimp can be really unreliable sometimes and their tools when you wanna get more in depth is not the best, PhotoShop is WAAAAY better xD Mar 1, 2015 0:12:06 GMT
Lyonize (Formerly DJ Simba): I've always just used photoshop. I'm not super good at it but It's nice to have. I also have Inkscape for some reason. Mar 1, 2015 4:24:47 GMT
Lyonize (Formerly DJ Simba): I can't remember ever using Inkscape. :-S Mar 1, 2015 4:25:14 GMT
mane6: I use Photoshop at school, I remember making Morgan Freeman in love with a tarantula. :D Mar 1, 2015 8:47:25 GMT
Lyonize (Formerly DJ Simba): These days, I mostly use it to make banners and pictures to promote my radio show. Mar 1, 2015 8:59:10 GMT *
Lyonize (Formerly DJ Simba): Like the one seen here: Mar 1, 2015 8:59:30 GMT
Lyonize (Formerly DJ Simba): I made the one for ROAR (My show) and the one for Elements of Style (My friends show) Mar 1, 2015 9:00:00 GMT
mrcrazypants: Morgan Freeman in love with a tarantula? x'D that sounds epic hahah Mar 1, 2015 14:06:07 GMT
mane6: Yeah the background was a huge heart and it said `Love is in the air` Mar 1, 2015 15:23:40 GMT
Ruby_Fehu: Canterlot? Isn't that MLP? Mar 1, 2015 18:30:37 GMT
Lyonize (Formerly DJ Simba): Yep. It's a brony radio station. I broadcast to 2 of them for my show. and =) Mar 1, 2015 18:56:53 GMT
Ruby_Fehu: Cool I might look into that, I'll be disappointed if you don't play songs from the show :P Mar 1, 2015 20:39:47 GMT