Friend or Foe?


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malena: :3 Nov 18, 2014 2:05:12 GMT
gothprincesskiara: hello, so get this, this new friend of mine from college, is also a TLK fan and she is doing a paper on TLK, and asked me if she could interview me, I felt honored =) Nov 18, 2014 13:34:44 GMT
Leto: How great! If I was doing a paper like that I would've tried to secure an interview With one of the Development team that worked on TLK maybe the writer or perhaps the director. They could talk about the Movie in great detail, just a tip for Your friend :) Nov 18, 2014 13:44:39 GMT
Astraia: Lol heyyyyy! :D Nov 18, 2014 16:38:10 GMT
malena: hai :) Nov 18, 2014 16:42:27 GMT
Astraia: I'm so excited. I think I've actually got some free time today so I can relax and sketch some characters! Nov 18, 2014 16:43:41 GMT
malena: lucky xD I'm in class. Nov 18, 2014 16:44:05 GMT
Astraia: Oh yuck. I just escaped that. Nov 18, 2014 16:45:33 GMT
malena: lucky. darn. it's chemistry Nov 18, 2014 16:49:09 GMT
Kirsui: But Chemistry is FUN! 8D Too bad I don't have those classes anymore.......... xP Nov 19, 2014 0:59:17 GMT
malena: well, it's not bad. I just don't understand what we're going over right now xD Nov 19, 2014 1:21:50 GMT
Astraia: I think I would've liked Chemistry more if I was better at it. It's tough to be interested in stuff and then struggle with it lol. Nov 19, 2014 22:14:02 GMT
Kirsui: It's even harder when you understand it, and like the subject, but the teacher makes you so confused you suddenly don't understand anything anymore. I had to drop Chemistry on my third year of upper secondary solely because of that. :/ Nov 19, 2014 23:25:48 GMT
malena: I'm almost always confused in that class but I love the teacher Nov 20, 2014 3:26:06 GMT
moonbacon: Still dormant as always Nov 20, 2014 7:41:14 GMT
mane6: Chemisty is my fav subject. Its not too confusing for me but im a brainiac. xDDD I have it on Thursdays and we have a scouse teacher and his accent is amazing. Nov 20, 2014 14:35:12 GMT
mrcrazypants: I agree Chemistry is really intressting! :3 Nov 20, 2014 15:31:30 GMT
mane6: It is! Nov 20, 2014 17:16:26 GMT
malena: Chemistry's interesting- I just don't understand it. Nov 21, 2014 14:01:59 GMT
Kirsui: So instead of doing what I'm supposed to do, I find myself drawing... Lovely........... xD On other words, more drawing requests have been completed. :3 I'm still open for new ones if anyone is interested. xP Nov 24, 2014 11:45:27 GMT